Yoga at CrossFit Paulding

Why Yoga you ask?

Yoga at CrossFit Paulding is intended as an active recovery class for CrossFit athletes. Yoga has been shown to improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, body awareness, focus and mental clarity. All of these benefits make yoga an excellent complement to a CrossFit athlete’s health and fitness regimen. Yoga classes are designed and taught by Coach Brandie, a CrossFit athlete who understands the importance of carefully increasing mobility and aiding overall recovery of the body and mind. Close attention is paid to proper alignment in every posture to ensure each athlete’s safety. Emphasis is also placed on proper breathing technique, which allows an athlete to experience the yoga practice more deeply. Classes are accessible to all, both CrossFit athletes and non-CrossFitters, from experienced yogis to those with no prior yoga experience.

How do I sign up?

Whether a current CFP member or a visiting non-members, we welcome all to come visit and take this class! If you are a non-member, please fill out our New Athlete Request form, found here. Once your registration is approved, visit the Class Schedule Page, found here, and click the SignUp button next to the Yoga class of interest. So what are you waiting for? It's time to expect more from your workout!

Our Rates at CrossFit Paulding

1.) Single class drop in price: $10.  
2.) Yoga only 4-pack price : $35.
3.) Yoga only 10-pack price : $75.
4.) Monthly Yoga add on for current CFP CrossFit members: $25.

We look forward to seeing all of you in our next class and remember, 'We bend so that we don't break'.

Movement 101 courtesy of The CrossFit Journal