One-on-One Training

One-on-One Training - 30 Minute Sessions:
30 Minute Sessions - $35.00 per half-hour
'Bring a Friend' Group rates - 30 Minute sessions - $20.00 per person
'Bulk Buy' Ten 30 Minute Sessions - $250.00 ($100 savings)
'Bulk Buy' Twenty 30 Minute Sessions - $500.00 ($200 savings)

One-on-One Training - 60 Minute Sessions:
60 minute sessions - $60 per hour
'Bring a Friend' Group rates - 60 Minute sessions - $40.00 per person
'Bulk Buy' Ten 60 Minute Sessions - $450.00 ($150 savings)
'Bulk Buy' Twenty 60 Minute Sessions - $900.00 ($300 savings)

Morning, Afternoon and Evening availability

Individualized programs to meet your specific needs

How can One-on-One Training Help?
Looking to lose FAT?
One-on-One custom programming is available to fit your metabolic needs!

Focusing on strength gains?
We can build the appropriate strength program just for you!

Do you have a fear of group classes?  
Let us help. Within just a few weeks we can have you understanding all of the movements, speaking the lingo, as well as performing these movements like a pro!

Don't think you are 'in shape' enough for CrossFit classes or even your next 5k?
That could not be further from the truth. Our Couch to CrossFit and Couch to 5k, One-on-One Training can have you feeling like a champion after only a few sessions!

Looking to improve on one or more skills? (i.e. DoubleUnders, PullUps, Olympic Weightlifting lift, etc.)
Give us a chance to work with you One-on-One and we'll share some secrets to those elusive skills you are struggling to perfect; and maybe even give you some homework to take with you well past your One-on-One session for continued development!

Email us at to reserve your spot today.

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