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Nancy on Jun 26, 2019 (83 days ago)
Skill - Turkish GetUp EMOM'DT'

Skill - Turkish GetUp EMOM

For 10 minutes, Every Minute On the Minute
Rx+ 70/53
Rx 53/35
Rx2 35/26
Rx3 26/20-10

Even minutes - 1 Turkish GetUp - Right Arm
Odd minutes - 1 Turkish GetUp - Left Arm

1- Press Position (Starting Position)
- The KB is fully extended in the one arm, centered above the shoulder (you should use two arms to set the KB)
2-Elbow Position (to the Elbow)
- Simply crunch up using your core to your free elbow, keeping the KB over your most stable center support position
3-Post Position (to the Hand)
- Continue to crunch up using your core from your elbow to your hand, palm flat on the floor.
4-Hips Extended (High Post)
- Extend your hips pulling to a full bridge position, hips are facing up & extended  
5-Half Kneeling (Sweep the Leg to UpTall)
- Pull the non-weight bearing side leg under & through to a half kneeling position, with knee down & under the KB
7-Reverse lunge
8-Windshield w/ Hip Hinge
9-Sweep the leg
10-To the Hand
11-To the Elbow
12- Back to Start

Duane53# Rx