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Nancy on Jun 26, 2019 (83 days ago)
Glute Activation (Pre-Squat/Lift Warmup) STRENGTH CHIPPER

Glute Activation (Pre-Squat/Lift Warmup)

10 sets of 5 second Glute Squeeze.
Squeeze and hold your butt for sets of 4-5 seconds, then relax. This is the simplest way to potentiate the glutes.

5 sets of 10 second Glute Bridge Holds.
Place Feet flat, lift toes, weight in heels, shoulders stay connected, squeeze glutes to a bridge.
Variations include single leg for more advanced athletes.

10 total sets of the alternating leg Sprinter Wall Drill  
Place your hands on a wall while you maintain an erect, slightly forward running position. Raise one knee high and hold it for 5 seconds, while you drive through the ball of your down foot. Don’t let your body round. Keep the back knee straight.

5 sets of 5 Banded Pull-Throughs
Tie a light band around the very bottom of a power rack. Step over, grab the band, and step out and away from the rack with a slight forward lean. Now, simply perform a stiff-legged style deadlift to stretch the band and extend the hips. Keep your low back neutral. Pinch a penny at the top. You will definitely