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Wednesday, Jul 17,2019

JTS-2 Day4 Hyp2of4PP Day Two Abs

JTS-2 Day4 Hyp2of4

Day 4: Jerks + full body  
1. Behind the neck Jerks-  5 x 5 @ 85% of heavy set of 5 from last week  
Giant set: move from one exercise to the next with no rest. For the failure, focus on doing the reps with solid technique but go until are almost to failure, basically when you feel the burn do 2 more reps.
1. Strict Press - 3 x failure      
2. Barbell supinated Rows- 3 x failure          
3. Db flat Bench- 3 x failure    
4. Barbell Bicep curls - 3x failure  
5. Tricep push downs- 3 x failure      
6.  GHD Back Ext- 3 x 10 bodyweight